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The Blackchelorette

I'm Shani, The Blackchelorette. People I meet often tell me I'm kind, loving, perverse, passionate, and sagacious. I'm living my best life filled with adventure and I strive to inspire the world around me by being my authentic self.


I describe myself as fun-loving, gregarious and courageously curious. I am quite charming too. I adopted the title "The Blackchelorette" because Black women are not portrayed in main stream culture as viable romantic interests.


In fact if I let the quote unquote experts tell my story of being a single Black Woman the tag line of me being unmarried is always "that's a personal problem." What if being single is not a problem at all? I created the 50 First Dates Challenge to have fun celebrating my independence and freedom. I went on 50 solo dates meaning (me, myself, and I) and that is how I found true love. Now I'm sharing this journey with the world.

My coaching has made more than a thousand connections last year alone. Who do you know ready to deepen their connections in life and find true love?



"You have lived to tell the story. Now write the story you want to live."

My Mission

I'm living my best life filled with fun and adventure. I show up as my authentic self and strive to inspire the world around me to build deeper connections in life and in love. I want to share the gift of how I found true love through self discovery. Follow my journey through my blog, social media, and podcast. This is a journey to find true love. Are you ready?

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